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ATAD #17 – I/O interface

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Communication between the processor and other devices are enabled by an I/O interface, and the Front Side Bus (FSB) is the data transfer bus that carries information between the CPU and the Northbridge (memory controller hub) of the Motherboard.

The I/O interface must have atleast the following features

  1. Have necessary logic to interpret the device address generated by the processor.
  2. Handshaking should be implemented by the interface using appropriate commands like (BUSY,READY,WAIT) the processor can communicate with I/O device through the interface.
  3. If incase different data formated being exchanged; interface must be able to convert serial data to parallel form and vice-versa.
  4. There must be provision for generating interrupts and the corresponding type numbers for further processing by the processor if required

Further Reading: FSB, Direct Memory Access, Memory Mapped IO, Port Mapped IO



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